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Posts I blog in other places November 2014 Edition

I generally keep this blog for RPG and more complex war game material. I post more regular board gaming type content over @ Fortress

Here are some links to some recent produce review type posts for Brass by Martin Wallace, and Storm Over Dien Bien Phu from MMP


Storm Over DBP:

There are other posts on my members blog over there, some of them interesting, some of them with terrible English.

Somme 1918, a review of sorts

I've turned a corner of sorts with hex and counter war games, and probably war games in general.

I can no longer be bothered to learn new rulesets. Or at least not rule sets of more than a few pages. Its probably unfortunate then that I tried to have a look at WW1 wargaming through the lens of Somme 1918 from Nuts publishing.

WW1 games were long thought to be dull grind fests much like the years 1915-1917 were. Many deaths, few gains, valuable for historical insight but little else. My limited experience of Somme 1918 is similar to this. I say limited because i packed it in after slightly under 1 turn (turns can have three mini turns within them), so take what I say with a dose of salt.

Somme 1918 is a two counter sheet game, so not that bad. But, it took me about 2 hours after I had punched and clipped them to sort them. It is normal in wargames for a counter to have information on what army or formation it belongs too as well as its actual unit designation. Not here. I had to go th…