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Opening Post; The remit

Why another gaming blog? There are hundreds if not thousands of them and some of them are very good, so why another?

Firstly a wide spectrum, but many niches is my answer. There are many blogs that cover the latest Fantasy Flight or Rio Grande board game, and there are plenty that will review Pazio's latest Pathfinder tome. In this blog I will over old school rpgs,, indie rpgs, retro clones, hex and counter war games, board games from Avalon Hill or SPI's  heydays, and anything else weird or interesting I find. I will cover some newer items but I will try to create a left field emphasis.
Secondly analysis. I like writing analytical pieces and will attempt to draw out why a game does or doesn't work for me, or how it compares to similar items in the genre.

How often will I post?

Depends, I will try to maintain once per month, I might manage twice weekly at some points.

Whats with the name?

I cycle through a fair few handles on internet forums, The Great Lestrade (of Sherloc…