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Free Astonishing Swords and Sorcerers of Hyperborea module PDFs!

I periodically turn my rpg session notes into something more publishable. Below are links to a short adventure I wrote and a campaign locale.

First up, a Lovecraftian romp through a statue on the edge of a volcanic island;

Its a bit linear, but its supposed to be a short adventure. I've tried to channel as much Lovecraftian weirdness as I can into it.

Second up, a city in the dark of the Underborea;

This is more of a campaign setting. The wider Underborea has sections of mega dungeon and hex crawl. This is meant to act as a plot trigger and base camp for the players.

Both are written for the rpg Astonish Swords and Sorcerers of Hyperborea, by Northwind Games, which has become my fantasy ruleset and setting of choice.

Tide of Fortune

I traded off my copy of OCS Reluctant Enemies, something I thought I’d never do.  I’d solo’d it through twice and played the short scenario face to face and sort of felt done with it. It’s a great way into OCS but I think the French strategy can drag the game in a certain direction. If they go defensive they can force the game into a battle of attrition in the Northern Mountains in the late game. The game then descends down to the roll of the dice.
Ever searching for playable but deep Napoleonic Operations I got Seven days of 1809 for it.

But lucky me, (and my dog) the chap I traded with threw in an extra game for free!

Tide of Fortune – a 1992 complex operational war game on the Netherlands in 1944 by John Schettler.

Boardgamegeek rates it at an average of … 5.98. So it wasn't a hit. The game has terrible product development. In non-jargon this means they didn’t proofread it and test the final product properly. Some chits are misprinted, there are some gaps in the rule book/scen…